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How to add a client to Hevy Coach?

Once you've created your Hevy Coach account and logged in, navigate to the "Clients". Here, you'll find the option to "+ Add Client"

You can also add clients from the "Dashboard" section:

There are three different ways to invite a client:

1. Copy Link allows you to copy your Coach Link and send it directly to your clients. Once your clients receive the link and accept the invitation, they will immediately become your clients, without any additional steps required from your side.

2. Enter your client's email address, and they will receive an invitation to join Hevy Coach as your client to their emails.

3. Enter your client's Hevy app username, and they will receive an email invitation to join Hevy Coach as your client. In addition, they will also receive a notification to accept you as a coach directly from their Hevy app account.

Once you Invite a client, you will be able to see it's STATUS in the Clients screen. Your clients will receive an email with the invitation, after they accept the invitation, they will become your cilents and you will be able to train them.

How do clients receive and accept coaching invitations?

As previously mentioned, your clients will receive an invitation via email, which they must accept to begin their coaching journey with you. It's important to note that sometimes these invitations may end up in the spam folder, so please advise your clients to check there if they don't find the email. If needed, you can also resend the invitation from the Clients section in Hevy Coach for their convenience.

Additionally, for clients who have a Hevy App installed, they can conveniently accept the invitation directly from the Hevy Coach app.


What's the next step after clients accept an invitation?

After your clients accept the invitation, it's essential to assign them their personalized workout program. Once this step is completed, they will receive a notification within the Hevy app to let them know that their first workout program is ready for them. This notification will help ensure they stay informed and engaged in their fitness journey.

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