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Hevy App for Clients
Hevy App for Clients

Clients will be trained through Hevy App

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Your clients will access their training programs through the Hevy App, available on both iOS and Android devices. Whether they prefer the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, they can download the app, making their journey to better fitness both convenient and intuitive.

Invite Your Clients

As a coach, you can send invitations to your clients via email, allowing them to join the Hevy coaching experience with a simple acceptance or decline. Upon signing up in Hevy App, they'll immediately gain access to the Hevy Coach tab with their personalized training plans, crafted by you to meet their unique needs.

For clients who already have an existing Hevy App account, there's no hassle. They will receive the invitation email but they will also receive your invitation directly within the app. Additionally, a dedicated "Hevy Coach" tab will appear, providing easy access to their training plans and enhancing their connection with you.

Hevy Coach Tab

Within the "Hevy Coach" tab, your clients will find their training plans along with a chat feature designed for communication with you. This in-app chat ensures that you can provide real-time support, answer questions, and offer guidance to maximize their training experience.

Complimentary Access to Hevy Pro

We're excited to offer all your clients complimentary access to Hevy Pro. This premium feature set empowers both you and your clients with advanced tools, enhancing the coaching and training experience.

Used by Millions of Athletes

It's important to note that Hevy App is the go-to choice for fitness enthusiasts seeking to elevate their workouts and achieve their fitness goals. And it is already been used by millions of users.

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