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Delete access to your clients
Delete access to your clients

Revoking access to one of your clients.

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To delete one of your clients, you can go to the Clients section, tap on the three dots and then Delete Client.

If you choose to delete access to any clients from your client list, it's important to note that they will no longer have access to their coach tab on Hevy. Consequently, this means they won't be able to access your program through the coach tab. However, there are two alternatives available to them:

1. They should still have the ability to save their past workouts as routines to their personal routine library. To do this, they can navigate to a workout on their profile, tap on the three dots, and select "Save as Routine."

2. They should also have the option to create new routines from scratch within their routine library.

Your clients will be staying with a free account:

1. They will retain all their workout history and can continue logging workouts with their free account.

2. On a free account, they can create up to four routines. If they desire more routine slots, they have the option to upgrade to Hevy Pro.

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