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Discover how to leverage Hevy Coach's Teams feature. Learn about member roles, client management, program libraries, and more!

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Welcome to the Team feature in Hevy Coach! This powerful tool, provided at no extra cost, empowers you to collaborate with trainers inside your Team, manage clients effectively, and streamline your coaching efforts.

Let's explore how you can maximize the potential of this feature:

Create the Team

  • Create a Team is easy with Hevy Coach. Simply navigate to the 'Team Section' in the side-bar, then hit 'Create Team'.

  • As the owner, you'll set the Team's name and logo, and from there, you can start inviting other members to join your Team.

Team Members

  • The Team Members List offers a snapshot of everyone on your team, whether they're admins or members.

  • Easily manage team members, granting them access levels and permissions tailored for smooth collaboration.

  • As an admin, you will have access to the Coach Profile, allowing you to view an overview of how other coaches' clients are performing, their client list, and their programs.

Clients List

  • The Clients List provides a comprehensive overview of all clients associated with your Team.

  • Admins get a full view of all clients within the Team, while members can access their own client list for personalized attention.

  • Admins will be able to remove and reassign clients from other admins/members within the Team.

  • All team members will have access to a detailed overview of their clients' programs, statistics, and measurements. Additionally, admins will be able to view this information for clients of other coaches within the team.

Program Library

  • Each team member has their own program library, contributing to the collective Team Program Library. Admins can edit other members' programs to foster collaboration and improvement.

  • Access a shared library filled with training programs curated by your Team.


  • All team members have access to a detailed dashboard displaying their clients' activities and overview. Additionally, admins will be able to view clients of other coaches within the team, with the ability to filter by coach.

Invite and Remove Clients

  • Invite clients to join your team, facilitating centralized management and improved communication.

  • All team members can invite clients to be trained by themselves, with admins having the additional capability to assign clients to specific team members.

  • Admins can remove clients when necessary to maintain clarity and organization within the coaching environment, while members can just delete their own clients.

Invite and Remove Coaches

  • Team members can extend invitations to fellow coaches, enhancing coaching capabilities and collaboration.

  • Admins have the authority to remove coaches from the team, ensuring the optimal team composition.

Manage Billing

  • Owners of the team have sole control over billing management, ensuring smooth financial transactions and organization.

With our Teams feature, you have all the tools at your disposal to elevate your coaching experience, promote collaboration, and achieve exceptional results with your clients. If you have any questions or need assistance, our support team is always here to help. Happy coaching!


Here you can find a detailed table with all the permission of the Team Members:

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