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Getting Started Guide
Getting Started Guide

Learn everything about how to start coaching with Hevy Coach

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Hey, welcome to Hevy Coach πŸ‘‹

Hevy Coach is a platform for personal trainers to build workout programs, manage their clients, and track their progress.

As a coach, you have access to Hevy Coach Web, and your clients will receive their workouts in the Hevy App.

Following this quick guide, you will be able to set up your profile, invite your clients, and start coaching them.

Getting Started

First, you have to create an account on Hevy Coach. The first thing you will see is the Dashboard. From your Dashboard, you will be able to Add Clients by pressing the Add Client button.

Once you have your first clients, you will be able to see all of them, sorted by active and inactive in the last 7 days.

In addition, you will also be able to see your Weekly Active Clients.

There are two easy places to invite your clients, from your Dashboard or from your Clients section.

Invite clients by entering their email addresses. You can send invites to multiple clients by separating their emails with spaces or commas.

From the Clients section, you will be able to search for clients, see their status, and view workouts done in the last 7 days.

You will be able to easily search among your clients from the Search Bar. Also, you can track the status of your invitations on the Clients screen. Once accepted, clients become part of your coaching roster.

The Program Library is where you can create, store, and manage workout programs.

Each program can consist of different workout routines, and you have the option to organize them into folders for easy access and organization.

To create a Workout Program, head to the Program Library and click "+ Create Workout Program." These programs will consist of routines. You can customize routines with exercises, sets, reps, and more to meet your clients' specific needs. You can organize programs by creating folders.

To assign programs to clients, you have two options:

Assign a program from a Client's profile by navigating to the "Workout Program" section and clicking "+ Assign Workout Program."

Alternatively, assign a workout program from the Program Library using the "Copy Workout to Clients" option. Select the client and program to assign.

Our Exercise Library is a comprehensive resource that offers a wide range of exercises. You can leverage this resource to create custom workout programs that align with your clients' fitness goals and preferences, ensuring that each program is tailored to their unique needs.

You can filter the exercises by "Equipment" and by "Muscles."

Your clients will access their training programs through the Hevy App, available on both iOS and Android devices. Whether they prefer the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, they can download the app, making their journey to better fitness both convenient and intuitive.

Clients receive invitations via email or within the app if they are already Hevy users. Once they accept you as a coach, they will be redirected to the Hevy Coach tab, which provides access to the training plans you have made for them. It also gives access to an in-app chat for real-time communication with coaches.

Moreover, your clients receive complimentary access to advanced tools to enhance the coaching and training experience.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach [email protected]

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